The Persia Dairy was founded on the twin principles of love of cheese-making and passion for gourmand food.


Our newly-founded dairy is housed within a late 18th-century farmhouse in the midst of the beauty and harmony of the Piedmontese countryside. It is here that we produce our cheeses, each of which has been lovingly made by hand. This traditional artisanship is testified by the individual shape of our cheeses and is a demonstration of our love and respect for the splendid raw material that is milk.


In fact, milk is never harshly heat-treated in our dairy, being gently heated to coagulation temperature before filtration. Combining the use of raw milk with  traditional cheese-making

processes, we produce finely and intensely perfumed cheeses which, owing to the conservation of vitamins and proteins, are also easily digestible.

Famiglia Persia

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