Fior di tiglio

This is a small cheese made by hand from raw cow’s milk. The cheeses are suspended in individual linen cloths during preparation in order to create a concave shape on the upper surface.


It is into this concavity that, after salting and initial maturation, the lime-tree flower honey is added.


During ageing, the honey binds with the cheese, rewarding the palate with delicious floral notes of lime-flower and honey.


Milk used: raw Piedmontese cow’s milk.

Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet, organic lime-flower honey.

Calf’s rennet is used for this cheese.

Weight of single cheeses: about 0.85kg.


Nutitional information: 100g of Fior di tiglio contains: 328 Kcal; 1.6g carbohydrates of which sugars<0.5g; 27g fats of which 22g saturated fats; 25g proteins; 1.5g salt.


Microbiological analysis: negatve for Salmonella spp and Listeria monocytogenes.

Allergens absent.


Best before date: this is a semi-matured cheese meaning that if the cheese is kept intact and at the correct temperature, the best before date is flexible. However, in order to maintain optimum flavour and microbiological conditions, we recommend that it be consumed within 150 days after production.

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