The name for this cheese in Piedmontese dialect signifies ‘big head’.


This is a cheese traditionally made in the Cuneo area. It possesses a hardish texture with the presence of small, irregular holes. The more matured variety has a tangy flavour.


During the cheese making process, the fresh cheeses are cracked open by hand, draining them of whey and ensuring a good, compact texture.


The pronounced flavour is obtained by adding kid-goat rennet to the milk which provides pleasantly complex notes on the palate.

Milk used: raw Piedmontese cow’s milk.

Ingredients: raw mlk, salt, rennet.

Mixed rennet is used containing kid-goat rennet paste titred to 10,000.

Weight of single cheeses: about 7kg.


Nutritional information:  100g of Testun contains: 351g Kcal; 31g fats of which 22g saturated fats; 1.4g carbohydrates of which <0.5g sugars; 28g proteins; 1.7g salt.


Microbiological analysis: negative for Salmonella spp and Listeria monocytogenes.


Analysis performed by SINAL n° 0051 accredited laboratory.


Best before date: this is a semi-matured cheese meaning that if the cheese is kept intact and at the correct temperature, the best before date is flexible. However, in order to maintain optimum flavour and microbiological conditions, we recommend that it be consumed within 150 days after production.

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