Tuma dla culin-a

The milk comes from the Roero hill area, hence the name of this cheese in Piedmontese dialect, signifying ‘from the hills’. Fresh milk is filtred on arrival in the creamery and is then gently and slowly heated to coagulation temperature in order to conserve the naturally delicious flavour of raw milk.


This traditional method of cheese making allows for a good production of holes in the curd which is placed in linen cloths and turned several times, then allowed to rest overnight.


Dry salting is entirely performed by hand allowing for a balanced flavour and precedes maturing on wooden planks to ensure the development its intense aromas and flavous.


When the fresh cheeses are cut an abundant presence of holes can be noted. The more matured cheeses possess the richest and most complex flavours.

Milk used: raw Piedmontese cow’s milk.

Ingredients: raw milk, salt and rennet.

Lamb rennet is mixed with the rennet used for this cheese.

Weight of single cheeses: about 7 kg.


Nutritional information: Tuma dla culin-a contains per 100g: 349 Kcal; 28g fats including 20g saturated fats; 1.2g carbohydrates of which sugars< 0.5g; 23g proteins; 1.5g salt.


Microbiological analysis: negative for Salmonella spp and Listeria monocytogenes.


Analysis performed by SINAL n° 0051 accredited laboratory.


Best before date: this is a semi-matured cheese meaning that if the cheese is kept intact and at the correct temperature, the best before date is flexible. However, in order to maintain optimum flavour and microbiological conditions, we recommend that it be consumed within 150 days after production.

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