This ‘little tuma’ is made using raw cow’s milk and vegetable rennet extracted from thistles.


The texture is soft and creamy owing to a delicate cheese-making process and the cheese tends to mature more quickly just beneath the rind.


This provides deliciously fresh flavours of milk, cream, meadow grass and hay.


The rind is hand-washed in salt water producing a typical reddish coloration as ageing procedes.



Milk used: raw Piedmontese cow’s milk.

Ingredients: raw milk, salt, rennet.

Liquid vegetable rennet is used for this cheese.

Weight of single cheeses: about 2.5kg.


Nutritional information: Tumalin contains per 100g: 329Kcal; 25g fats of which 18g saturated fats; 1.2g cabohydrates of which < 0.5 sugars; 21g proteins; 1.3g salt.


Microbiological analysis: negative for Salmonella spp and Listeria monocytogenes.


Analysis performed by SINAL n° 0051 accredited laboratory.


Best before date: this is a semi-matured cheese meaning that if the cheese is kept intact and at the correct temperature, the best before date is flexible. However, in order to maintain optimum flavour and microbiological conditions, we recommend that it be consumed within 150 days after production.




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